Drain Cleaning in Newport Beach

Looking after your drains may not be something you give a lot of thought to but it can be very important. Everyday oils, hair, food and small bits of waste products flow down our pipes and though this isn’t normally a problem it can eventually lead to blockages. This can in turn lead to poor water flow, a backup in your pipes and damage to your plumbing.

When this sort of build-up happens a good pipe cleaning is the best solution. At The Drain Cleaning Service, our team can put you in touch with a dedicated, certified drain cleaning professional local to Newport Beach any time day or night. When you need us, we will be there. 

There are 2 main options when it comes to pipe cleaning. The traditional plumbing snake and the more high-tech water jet pressure cleaning. But what are the differences? 

Water Jets or Snaking?

For decades plumbers have relied on a snake, basically a long cable with a hook or screw on the end, to reach and break apart blockages. It’s simple to use and when combined with the right cleaning product, it works fine. 

But as technology has advanced most professional cleaners have moved on to using water pressure pumped through a “jet cleaner”. It’s better at cleaning out the whole pipe and because it’s only water there are no harsh chemicals involved that can damage older pipes and can be bad for the environment. The system consists of a high-pressure hose that attaches to your pipe and uses a blast of water to break apart any blocked spots. 

The first thing our team will do on site is to make sure your pipes are strong enough to withstand the pressure and talk through your options with you so you can make the right choice for your home or business.

We provide 24/7 drain cleaning services all across Newport Beach. Our team can advise you on which cleaning solution is best for your home or property and will have your drains running their best in no time. Get in touch today for more information.