Drain Cleaning in Santa Ana

Are you looking for a reliable drain cleaning service in Santa Ana?

Having your drains cleaned regularly is an important part of home maintenance.¬†However, it’s not high on most people’s household to-do list. Keeping your pipework clean and clear is the best way to avoid costly blockages that can lead to leaks and water flow issues. While you can buy cleaning products and try them yourself it’s always better to hire a professional. But looking for a trusted, reasonably priced plumber can be stressful. At The Drain Cleaning Service, we can help.

How much will it cost to unclog a drain?

Unblocking a drain can seem expensive at first, especially if you have a larger property with many fixtures. But the cost of a regular clean is small when compared to fixing even a simple leak caused by pressure build-up from a blockage.

The cost of unblocking your drain really varies depending on the complexity of the clog and your drainage system. Simple blockages can be cleared using nothing more exciting than a plunger or a drain snake. However, if the blockage is more serious, or your pipes need very serious cleaning, it may require the use of a hydro jet power washing.

Hydrojet drain cleaning involves inserting a high-pressure water hose into your clogged drain and blasting out the debris. Our hydrojet drain cleaning team can clear your drains of:

  • Dirt and Grease
  • Tree roots and plant matter
  • Sludge
  • Physical blockages (dog toys, food packaging, hair build up etc)

Learn more about hydrojetting here.

We provide 24/7 drain cleaning services in Santa Ana. Our team can advise you on which cleaning solution is best for your home or property and will have your drains running their best in no time. Get in touch today for more information.